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Easynews stands out as a Usenet provider known for its unique web-based interface and commitment to user accessibility. Catering to both newcomers and seasoned Usenet veterans, Easynews offers a flexible approach to Usenet browsing.

Key Features:

  • Web Interface: A fully-featured web browser interface allowing users to access Usenet without additional software.
  • Retention: Over 4,000 days of binary retention.
  • Speed: Unlimited speed and data on select plans.
  • Mobile Access: Full compatibility with mobile devices, offering a smooth experience on tablets and smartphones.
  • Trial Offer: 14-day/50 GB free trial for new users to explore the platform.

Pricing and Packages

  • Classic Plan: $9.98/month, 20 GB monthly data, unlimited speed.
  • Plus Plan: $14.97/month, 40 GB monthly data, unlimited speed, SSL encryption.
  • Big Gig Plan: $29.94/month, 150 GB monthly data, unlimited speed, SSL encryption, free VPN.
  • Available Add-Ons: Additional data can be purchased in different packages.
  • Discounts or Special Offers: Discounts available for longer-term commitments, such as semi-annual or annual subscriptions.
  • Free Trials or Money-Back Guarantees: 14-day/50 GB free trial for new users to explore the service.

Performance & Reliability:


  • Unlimited Speed: Easynews provides unlimited download speeds across all plans, ensuring quick and efficient access to Usenet content.
  • Multiple Connections: Users can configure multiple simultaneous connections, allowing for optimal utilization of their bandwidth.

Server Locations:

  • Global Reach: With servers strategically located in the U.S. and Europe, Easynews ensures fast and reliable access to users around the world.
  • Redundant Architecture: The use of multiple servers in various locations adds redundancy, enhancing the overall reliability of the service.

Uptime/Downtime Statistics:

  • Uptime: Easynews boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime, maintaining consistent and uninterrupted service.
  • Maintenance Schedule: Scheduled maintenance is carefully planned and communicated in advance to minimize disruptions.
  • Service Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and proactive measures ensure that any issues are quickly identified and resolved.

Usenet Access & Retention:

Number of Newsgroups Accessible:

  • Access: Over 100,000 newsgroups, encompassing a broad range of topics and interests.
  • Search Features: Advanced search tools for finding specific content quickly and easily.

Retention Period:

  • Binary Retention: Over 4,000 days of binary retention, providing access to a vast archive of Usenet posts.
  • Text Retention: Text article retention may vary, often exceeding binary retention.

Completion Rates:

  • High Completion: Easynews offers a 99%+ completion rate, ensuring that users can access nearly all available Usenet content.
  • Backup Servers: Utilizing backup servers and peers to fill in any missing articles, enhancing the overall completion rate.

Security & Privacy:

Encryption Standards:

  • SSL Encryption: All connections are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring that user activity is private and protected from eavesdropping.

Privacy Policy:

  • No Logging: Easynews commits to not logging any user activity related to downloads and searches, respecting users’ privacy.
  • Transparent Policy: Their privacy policy is publicly available and transparent about what data is collected and how it’s used.

Anonymity Options:

  • Personal Data Protection: Measures are in place to protect personal information, adhering to privacy laws and regulations.

Software & Interface:

Web Interface:

  • User-Friendly: Easynews offers a web-based interface that requires no additional software, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • Customizable Search Options: Users can tailor searches to fit their needs, including filters for age, size, and file type.
  • Integrated Thumbnail Previews: View images and video thumbnails directly within the interface for more convenient browsing.

Mobile Compatibility:

  • Mobile-Friendly Design: The web interface is optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to access Usenet content on smartphones and tablets.

Third-Party Software Integration:

  • NNTP Access: Easynews provides standard NNTP access, allowing users to connect with third-party Usenet clients if desired.
  • Configuration Guides: Guides are available to assist users in configuring third-party software.

Support & Tutorials:

  • Extensive Support: Easy to find tutorials, guides, and support options to help users make the most of the platform.
  • Customer Service: Responsive customer support available through various channels, including live chat and email.

Customer Support:

Quality of Support:

  • Dedicated Support Team: Easynews employs a knowledgeable support team trained to assist with any issues or inquiries.
  • Comprehensive FAQ Section: The website hosts an extensive FAQ section that provides answers to common questions and guides for troubleshooting.
  • Email Support: Customers can reach out via email for personalized assistance, with a reputation for detailed and accurate responses.

Response Times:

  • Timely Replies: Easynews prioritizes prompt responses to customer inquiries, typically responding to emails within a few hours during business hours.
  • Weekend Support: Support is available on weekends, ensuring that assistance is available even outside regular business hours.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Positive Reviews: Many users commend Easynews for their attentive and effective customer service.
  • Commitment to Customer Needs: The support team’s dedication to understanding and addressing individual needs contributes to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Extras & Bonuses:

Integrated VPN:

  • VPN Access: Some plans include free access to a VPN service, enhancing privacy and security while browsing the web or downloading files.

Complimentary Web Features:

  • Thumbnail Previews: Allows users to preview thumbnails of images and videos within the search results, providing a visual guide to content.
  • Zip Manager: Enables users to download multiple files as a single ZIP archive, streamlining the downloading process.

Special Offers & Discounts:

  • Seasonal Promotions: Easynews occasionally offers limited-time promotions and discounts, particularly during holidays and special events.
  • Loyalty Discounts: Long-term subscribers may be eligible for special pricing, rewarding customer loyalty.

Additional Tools & Resources:

  • Configuration Guides: Comprehensive guides to help users set up third-party clients or make the most of the platform’s features.
  • Community Forum: Access to a community forum where users can share tips, ask questions, and engage with other Usenet enthusiasts.


Easynews stands out as a robust and user-friendly Usenet provider that caters to both beginners and seasoned Usenet enthusiasts. The platform’s intuitive web-based interface eliminates the need for additional software and offers customizable search options, mobile compatibility, and handy features like thumbnail previews and ZIP management.

Performance-wise, Easynews boasts unlimited download speeds, strategically located servers, and an impressive 99.99% uptime. A retention period of over 4,000 days for binaries and a 99%+ completion rate ensure access to a vast archive of Usenet content.

Security is a top priority with 256-bit SSL encryption and a transparent no-logging policy. While the lack of live chat or phone support might be seen as a limitation, the quality and responsiveness of email support, coupled with a comprehensive FAQ section, ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Extras like integrated VPN access and special offers add to Easynews’s appeal, making it a comprehensive option for anyone looking to delve into the world of Usenet. The platform’s commitment to ease of use, reliability, security, and customer care solidify its place as a top contender in the Usenet provider market.

Overall, Easynews’s well-rounded offerings make it a top choice for those seeking a balance between functionality, security, and convenience. Whether you’re a Usenet novice or a seasoned user, Easynews’s feature-rich platform is likely to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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