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Eweka is a renowned European Usenet provider known for its robust performance and commitment to quality. Based in the Netherlands, it’s often praised for its high-speed connections and impressive retention rates.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Speed: Available with certain packages, allowing for quick downloads.
  • Strong Retention: Over 4,500 days of binary retention.
  • European Servers: Ensuring privacy compliance and fast access for European users.
  • SSL Encryption: For secure browsing and downloading.

Pricing and Packages

Eweka provides a variety of options to suit different user needs and budgets, with a focus on flexibility and value.

Monthly Subscriptions:

  • High-Speed Plan: €7.50/month, unlimited speed, 50 connections, SSL encryption, and over 4,500 days of retention.
  • Standard Plan: €6.00/month, restricted speed (up to 300 Mbit/s), 20 connections, SSL encryption, and similar retention.

Discounts & Promotions:

  • Annual Discounts: Substantial savings can be had by committing to a yearly subscription.
  • Occasional Special Offers: Look out for promotional pricing during holidays or special events.

Payment Options:

  • Diverse Payment Methods: Eweka accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and local payment options in Europe.

Eweka’s pricing structure is designed to provide flexibility, accommodating various user requirements and budgets. Whether opting for a high-speed monthly plan, a more restricted standard subscription, or taking advantage of prepaid options, Eweka presents a range of choices that align with different needs. The availability of a free trial and diverse payment methods further enhance the appeal of their offerings.

Performance & Reliability:


  • Unlimited Speed: With the High-Speed Plan, users can enjoy uncapped download speeds, allowing for rapid access to Usenet content.
  • Multiple Connections: Eweka offers up to 50 simultaneous connections on some plans, ensuring that users can maximize their download speed.
  • Optimized Performance: Tailored configurations based on the chosen plan ensure that users always get the optimal speed for their connection.

Server Locations:

  • European Servers: Eweka’s servers are strategically located in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands, ensuring fast and reliable access for European users.
  • Redundant Architecture: The provider’s network is designed with redundancy in mind to prevent service interruptions.

Uptime/Downtime Statistics:

  • 99.99% Uptime: Eweka maintains an impressive uptime record, guaranteeing availability almost all the time.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Any scheduled maintenance is announced in advance, and downtime is kept to a minimum to avoid disruptions.
  • Stable Service: Eweka’s robust infrastructure ensures consistent service with little to no unexpected downtime.

Download Completion Rates:

  • High Completion Rates: Eweka’s over 4,500 days of binary retention and strong peering relationships translate to 99%+ completion rates for downloads.

Access & Compatibility:

  • NNTP Access: Standard NNTP access ensures compatibility with various Usenet clients.
  • IPv6 Support: Eweka is ahead of the curve with support for IPv6, ensuring future-proof access.

Eweka’s performance and reliability are among its standout features. The provider’s focus on high-speed access, strategic server placement, robust architecture, and impressive uptime statistics make it a trustworthy option for Usenet users. With a commitment to stability and high completion rates, Eweka ensures a smooth and satisfying Usenet experience, particularly for users in Europe.

Usenet Access & Retention:

Number of Newsgroups Accessible:

  • Wide Range of Newsgroups: Eweka provides access to over 125,000 uncensored newsgroups, covering a diverse array of topics and interests.

Retention Period:

  • Extended Retention: With over 4,500 days of binary retention and 4,500 days of text retention, Eweka offers one of the most comprehensive retention periods in the industry.
  • Constant Growth: The retention period continues to grow daily, allowing users to access even older content as time progresses.

Completion Rates:

  • 99%+ Completion Rate: Eweka’s robust infrastructure and peering arrangements ensure access to most Usenet content, reflecting a 99%+ completion rate on downloads.

Access Options:

  • Text and Binary Access: Full access to both text posts and binary files, ensuring a complete Usenet experience.
  • Localized Newsgroups: Access to various local and regional newsgroups, reflecting Eweka’s European focus.

Search & Navigation:

  • Compatible with Popular Newsreaders: Eweka’s service is compatible with various third-party Usenet clients, offering flexibility in search and navigation.
  • Header Compression: Efficiently browse and search newsgroups with compressed headers, saving bandwidth.

Reliability & Performance:

  • Uninterrupted Access: The provider’s robust network design ensures consistent and reliable access to Usenet content.
  • Fast Access: Eweka’s European server locations enable quick access to newsgroups, particularly for users within Europe.

Eweka’s Usenet access and retention offerings are notable for their breadth and depth. The extended retention period, combined with wide-ranging access to newsgroups and high completion rates, places Eweka among the leading Usenet providers, especially for European users. Whether for casual browsing of text posts or downloading binaries, Eweka’s Usenet access ensures a rich and satisfying experience, backed by a reliable and performance-oriented infrastructure.

Security & Privacy:

Encryption Standards:

  • 256-bit SSL Encryption: All connections with Eweka are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, protecting data integrity and confidentiality during transmission.
  • Encrypted Downloads: Eweka ensures that all downloads are encrypted, keeping user activity private.

Privacy Policy:

  • No Activity Logging: Eweka adheres to a strict no-logging policy, meaning that the provider does not track or store logs of user activity.
  • Transparency: The privacy policy is clear and accessible, outlining the provider’s commitments and practices concerning user data.

Anonymity Options:

  • Account Privacy: Eweka keeps personal account information confidential and implements security measures to protect it.
  • Compliance with GDPR: As a European-based provider, Eweka complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), further reinforcing its commitment to privacy.

Data Center Security:

  • Physical Security Measures: Eweka’s data centers are equipped with advanced physical security controls, including surveillance, access controls, and intrusion detection.
  • Network Security: Comprehensive network security measures are implemented, such as firewalls and anti-malware protection, to prevent unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Payment Security:

  • Secure Payment Processing: Eweka uses secure payment gateways, ensuring that payment information is handled with care and confidentiality.

Location and Jurisdiction:

  • Netherlands-based: Being based in the Netherlands, Eweka operates under European privacy laws, which are generally considered favorable for user privacy.

Eweka’s approach to security and privacy is comprehensive and robust. By implementing strong encryption standards, maintaining a transparent and user-focused privacy policy, and putting in place various security measures, Eweka prioritizes the safety and privacy of its users. Compliance with European regulations and jurisdiction further underlines Eweka’s commitment to these principles.

Whether it’s the security of data transmissions, the privacy of user activity, or the integrity of personal and payment information, Eweka’s security and privacy features stand out as an integral part of the provider’s offerings.

Software & Interface:

NewsLazer Usenet Browser:

  • Integrated Usenet Browser: Eweka offers NewsLazer, an integrated Usenet browser that provides a convenient way to search, preview, and download files directly.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for both beginners and experienced users, NewsLazer offers an intuitive interface with simple navigation and functionality.
  • Search & Filter Options: NewsLazer allows users to search and filter newsgroups effortlessly, enhancing the browsing experience.
  • Free Access for Subscribers: Eweka subscribers can access NewsLazer for free, adding value to the subscription.

Third-Party Compatibility:

  • Support for Popular Newsreaders: Besides NewsLazer, Eweka is compatible with a variety of popular third-party newsreaders, giving users flexibility in their choice of interface.
  • Configuration Guides: Eweka provides detailed configuration guides for setting up various newsreaders, facilitating a smooth start.

Mobile Access:

  • Mobile-Friendly Design: While there’s no specific mobile app, Eweka’s service is accessible via mobile-friendly websites and compatible third-party newsreaders.

Accessibility & Usability:

  • User-Friendly Design: Both NewsLazer and Eweka’s website are designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering a seamless experience for users of all skill levels.
  • Multilingual Support: NewsLazer and the website are available in multiple languages, reflecting Eweka’s European focus.

Eweka’s software and interface offerings are centered around ease of use, flexibility, and accessibility. The provision of NewsLazer as an integrated Usenet browser adds significant value, delivering a streamlined experience for searching and downloading Usenet content. Its compatibility with various third-party newsreaders ensures that users have a choice in their preferred interface. The focus on user-friendly design, comprehensive guides, and multilingual support further underscores Eweka’s commitment to delivering a satisfying and hassle-free Usenet experience.

Customer Support:

Support Channels:

  • Email Support: Eweka offers email support for its customers, with a dedicated support team ready to assist with inquiries and technical issues.
  • Support Ticket System: Users can create and track support tickets through Eweka’s website, facilitating organized and timely responses.
  • Online Knowledge Base: A comprehensive online knowledge base provides answers to common questions, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides.
  • Social Media: Though not a primary support channel, Eweka is present on social media platforms, offering another avenue for communication.

Quality of Support:

  • Professional Support Team: Eweka’s support team is knowledgeable and skilled, providing detailed and accurate assistance.
  • Multilingual Support: The support is available in multiple languages, reflecting the provider’s commitment to serving a diverse European customer base.

Response Times:

  • Timely Responses: Despite the absence of live chat or phone support, Eweka aims to respond to email inquiries and support tickets promptly, typically within a few hours during business hours.
  • Clear Communication: The support team communicates effectively, providing clear instructions and information.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Positive Reviews: Eweka’s support often receives positive feedback from customers, citing professionalism, responsiveness, and efficiency.
  • Commitment to Resolving Issues: The support team’s focus on problem-solving and willingness to assist contributes to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Eweka’s customer support structure relies heavily on written communication and self-help resources. While the absence of live chat or phone support might limit immediate interaction, Eweka compensates with a strong email support system and a well-organized knowledge base. The provider’s commitment to timely responses, professional support, multilingual assistance, and overall customer satisfaction helps build confidence and trust in the support services.

Whether users need technical assistance, billing information, or help with general inquiries, Eweka’s customer support mechanisms are designed to provide effective and thorough assistance, aligning with the provider’s overall dedication to quality service.

Extras & Bonuses:

Integrated Usenet Browser – NewsLazer:

  • Free Access for Subscribers: As mentioned earlier, Eweka provides free access to NewsLazer, an integrated Usenet browser. This adds substantial value to the subscription, offering a comprehensive browsing and downloading solution.

Discounts & Promotions:

  • Special Deals: Eweka occasionally runs special promotions and discounts, particularly for new customers or during holiday seasons. These can include reduced subscription prices or extra months of service.

Multilingual Support:

  • Multiple Language Options: Both Eweka’s website and the NewsLazer application are available in different languages, catering to a diverse European audience.

Eweka’s extras and bonuses are designed to enhance the overall value of the service, providing additional incentives for both new and existing customers. The free trial offer, NewsLazer access, occasional promotions, and unique integrations like Spotweb contribute to a richer, more flexible, and customer-friendly Usenet experience. These elements reflect Eweka’s commitment to offering more than just a basic Usenet service and indicate an understanding of varied customer needs and preferences.


Eweka stands out as a prominent Usenet provider, offering an array of features that cater to both beginners and experienced Usenet users. With its base in the Netherlands, the service is subject to favorable European privacy laws, aligning well with its commitment to security and privacy.

Key Strengths:

  • Integrated NewsLazer Browser: The free access to the NewsLazer Usenet browser offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface for searching and downloading Usenet content.
  • Strong Security & Privacy Measures: With 256-bit SSL encryption, a strict no-logging policy, and compliance with GDPR, Eweka demonstrates robust protection of user data.
  • Diverse Pricing & Packages: Eweka’s flexible subscription options cater to different user needs and budgets.
  • High Performance & Reliability: The provider’s speed, server locations, and uptime statistics reflect a reliable service.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support: Despite the absence of live chat or phone support, Eweka offers prompt email support, a well-organized knowledge base, and multilingual assistance.
  • Attractive Extras & Bonuses: From a 7-day free trial to special promotions and Spotweb integration, Eweka offers several extras that enhance the value of the service.


  • No Live Chat or Phone Support: Some users might prefer more immediate support channels, which are not available with Eweka.
  • No Anonymous Payments: The lack of anonymous payment options might be a concern for privacy-focused users.

Conclusion: Eweka has successfully positioned itself as a quality Usenet provider that strikes a balance between performance, security, usability, and customer satisfaction. Its thoughtful combination of features, such as NewsLazer integration, robust security protocols, diverse pricing options, and customer-centric support, make it an appealing choice for a wide range of Usenet enthusiasts.

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