Tweaknews Review 2023


TweakNews is a popular Usenet provider based in the Netherlands, known for its robust performance and commitment to user privacy. With a blend of affordable pricing and a wide array of features, it’s a favorite among many Usenet enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • High Retention Rates: Offering competitive retention rates, TweakNews ensures access to a vast array of Usenet content.
  • Strong Privacy Protections: Benefiting from Dutch privacy laws, TweakNews emphasizes user security with SSL encryption.
  • Integrated Usenet Browser: TweakNews offers its own Usenet browser, simplifying the user experience.
  • Free Trial: A 10-day free trial allows users to test the service before committing.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: TweakNews offers round-the-clock support, including email support.

Pricing and Packages

TweakNews offers a diversified range of subscription plans, catering to different user needs, preferences, and budgets. The pricing structure is designed to provide flexibility and choice.

Flatrate Plans:

  • Fast: This plan offers unlimited speed and downloads but with a slightly lower retention rate. It’s available in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual subscriptions, with prices ranging from €7.95 to €89.95 per year.
  • Faster: Providing unlimited speed and downloads with full retention, the Faster plan comes in various durations, with monthly costs starting at €9.95 and yearly subscriptions available for €107.95.
  • Ultimate: For those seeking the maximum features, the Ultimate plan offers unlimited speed, downloads, and full retention. Monthly pricing begins at €12.95, with yearly options at €155.40.

Special Offers & Discounts:

  • Seasonal Promotions: TweakNews occasionally runs special offers, particularly during holiday seasons or for new customers. These can include discounts on various plans or additional features at no extra cost.
  • Bundle Discounts: By combining different services, such as a VPN with a Usenet subscription, users can enjoy additional savings.

Payment Options:

  • Diverse Payment Methods: TweakNews accepts payments through Credit Cards, PayPal, and other local payment methods, offering convenience in transactions.

TweakNews’s pricing and package structure reflects an understanding of the diverse needs and preferences of Usenet users. From affordable block plans for occasional users to unlimited subscriptions for heavy downloaders, the provider offers choices to suit various requirements and budgets.

Performance & Reliability:


  • Unlimited Speeds: TweakNews offers unlimited download speeds with some of its subscription plans, ensuring rapid access to Usenet content. This is beneficial for users who frequently download large files or want to maximize their internet connection.
  • Varied Speed Options: For those who don’t require maximum speed, there are options for limited-speed plans at reduced costs. This flexibility allows users to select a package that aligns with their speed requirements and budget.

Server Locations:

  • European Servers: TweakNews operates servers in Europe, ensuring robust connectivity for users in the region. The server infrastructure is designed to provide optimal access and download speeds.
  • Multiple Server Connections: Users can connect to multiple servers simultaneously, allowing for better distribution of download tasks and improved overall performance.

Uptime/Downtime Stats:

  • High Uptime: TweakNews is known for its reliable uptime, often exceeding 99.9%. This high level of availability ensures that users can access Usenet content whenever they wish, without unexpected interruptions.
  • Redundancy Measures: TweakNews employs redundancy measures to minimize downtime risks. This includes backup systems and diversified server locations, contributing to the provider’s overall reliability.
  • Regular Monitoring: Regular monitoring and maintenance of servers guarantee that any potential issues are quickly identified and addressed, maintaining the integrity of the service.

Completion Rates:

  • High Article Completion Rates: TweakNews emphasizes complete and accurate article completion, allowing users to download files without missing parts. This translates to a more satisfying and hassle-free user experience.

Network Quality:

  • Tier-1 Provider: As a Tier-1 Usenet provider, TweakNews operates its network, ensuring control over performance and quality. The direct management of servers and network resources contributes to consistent and high-quality service.


  • Broad Compatibility: TweakNews is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and third-party newsreaders. This broad compatibility ensures that users can access the service with their preferred tools and platforms.

TweakNews’ performance and reliability reflect a well-designed and managed service that prioritizes user experience. From the flexibility in speed options to the commitment to uptime and completion rates, TweakNews offers a robust and dependable Usenet access that caters to diverse user needs.

The integration of redundancy measures, continuous monitoring, and direct control of the network adds layers of assurance, making TweakNews an appealing choice for those seeking reliable and high-performing Usenet access.

Usenet Access & Retention:

Usenet Access:

  • Global Reach: TweakNews provides access to Usenet groups across the globe, ensuring that users have a comprehensive selection of content.
  • Multi-language Support: Catering to an international audience, TweakNews offers support for various languages, making it more accessible to non-English speakers.
  • Binary and Text Groups: TweakNews supports both binary and text groups, meaning users can download files and engage in discussions within the Usenet community.
  • Multiple Connections: Depending on the package chosen, users can enjoy multiple simultaneous connections, maximizing download speeds and efficiency.

Retention Rates:

  • Binary Retention: TweakNews offers competitive binary retention rates, allowing users to access older binary files that may not be available with providers offering shorter retention periods.
  • Text Retention: Text retention is also prioritized, enabling users to access historical discussions and information within Usenet’s text groups.
  • Full and Partial Retention Options: Depending on the package, TweakNews offers options for both full and partial retention, allowing users to choose according to their needs and budget.

Completion Rates:

  • High Completion Rates: TweakNews is committed to ensuring high completion rates for downloads. This means users can download files without encountering missing parts, providing a seamless and satisfying experience.
  • Fallback Servers: In the event of missing articles, TweakNews has fallback servers that help in fetching the missing parts, enhancing completion rates.

Search and Navigation:

  • Integrated Usenet Browser: TweakNews offers an integrated Usenet browser that simplifies the search and navigation process, enhancing user experience.
  • Compatibility with Newsreaders: TweakNews is also compatible with popular third-party newsreaders, allowing users to access Usenet content through their preferred interface.

TweakNews’ Usenet access and retention features are designed to provide an extensive and reliable experience. The emphasis on global reach, language support, binary and text groups, high retention and completion rates, and user-friendly search options make it an attractive option for Usenet users of all types.

The availability of multiple connections and various retention options further enhances flexibility, allowing users to tailor their experience according to individual preferences and requirements.

Whether engaging with Usenet for discussions or downloading content, TweakNews offers features that align with diverse needs and expectations, reinforcing its position as a favored Usenet provider.

Security & Privacy:


  • SSL Encryption: TweakNews provides SSL encryption for all connections, ensuring that user activities and data are securely transmitted. This encryption protects users from eavesdropping and keeps the communication between the user and the server private.
  • VPN Option: In addition to standard encryption, TweakNews also offers a VPN service as part of some packages or as an add-on. The VPN service further enhances privacy by encrypting all internet traffic and masking the user’s IP address.

Data Handling and Privacy Policy:

  • No Logging of Usenet Activities: TweakNews maintains a strict no-logging policy for Usenet activities. This means that the provider does not track or store information about what users download or search for on Usenet, further safeguarding privacy.
  • Transparent Privacy Policy: TweakNews provides a transparent privacy policy that details how personal information is handled. It emphasizes compliance with relevant laws and regulations and commitment to user privacy.

Payment Security:

  • Secure Payment Options: TweakNews offers secure payment methods, including Credit Cards and PayPal. All transactions are processed through secure channels, ensuring the protection of financial information.

Account Security:

  • Secure Account Management: TweakNews provides users with secure account management tools, allowing them to control and protect their accounts. This includes options for strong authentication and clear guidelines on maintaining account security.


  • Adherence to Legal Regulations: TweakNews adheres to relevant legal regulations concerning privacy and data protection, including GDPR in the European Union. This legal compliance further strengthens the provider’s commitment to user privacy and security.

TweakNews’ approach to security and privacy reflects a multifaceted strategy that emphasizes robust encryption, transparent policies, secure account management, and legal compliance. From encrypted connections to the strict no-logging policy and secure payment handling, TweakNews ensures that users can engage with Usenet with confidence in their privacy and the integrity of their data.

The addition of a VPN option provides an extra layer of privacy for those seeking heightened anonymity, while adherence to legal standards underlines TweakNews’ commitment to responsible and trustworthy service provision.

By building security and privacy into various aspects of its service, TweakNews offers users peace of mind and a protected environment in which to enjoy Usenet access.

Software & Interface:

Usenet Browser:

  • TweakNews Usenet Browser: TweakNews offers its Usenet browser, designed to streamline the search, download, and navigation experience within Usenet. With an intuitive interface, it’s suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Integrated Search Functionality: The browser includes powerful search features that allow users to quickly locate specific content within Usenet’s vast archive.
  • Preview and Download Options: Users can preview files before downloading, and the browser supports efficient multi-threaded downloads.

Third-party Newsreader Support:

  • Compatible with Popular Newsreaders: TweakNews supports various third-party newsreaders, allowing users to connect via their preferred applications, such as SABnzbd, NZBGet, and others.
  • Easy Configuration: TweakNews provides detailed guides to help users configure popular newsreaders, ensuring smooth integration and utilization.

VPN Client (Optional Add-on):

  • User-friendly VPN Client: For users opting for TweakNews’ VPN service, there is a dedicated VPN client that offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • Multiple VPN Protocols: The VPN client supports different protocols, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their privacy needs and connection requirements.
  • Global Server Selection: With servers located around the world, the VPN client enables users to choose specific server locations, enhancing connection performance and privacy.

Accessibility and Usability:

  • User-friendly Design: TweakNews’ software is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • Multi-platform Support: TweakNews’ software is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring a broad reach.
  • Regular Updates: The software regularly receives updates, ensuring that it stays current with the latest features and security enhancements.
  • Multilingual Support: The interface is available in multiple languages, reflecting TweakNews’ commitment to catering to a global audience.

TweakNews’ software and interface elements are built around a philosophy of accessibility, efficiency, and customization. From the proprietary Usenet browser that simplifies navigation to compatibility with popular third-party newsreaders and the user-friendly VPN client, TweakNews provides options that cater to a wide array of user preferences and needs.

The attention to detail in providing guides for configuration, multi-platform support, and regular updates demonstrates TweakNews’ commitment to offering a robust and pleasant user experience. The addition of features like file previews and multilingual support further adds to the software’s appeal.

Overall, TweakNews’ software and interface present a well-rounded offering that emphasizes usability without sacrificing functionality, making it a strong choice for Usenet enthusiasts across the spectrum of expertise.

Customer Support:

Email Support:

  • Dedicated Support Team: TweakNews offers email support through a dedicated team of knowledgeable support staff. They handle inquiries, technical issues, billing questions, and more.
  • Response Times: While lacking immediate support channels like live chat or phone, TweakNews focuses on providing prompt email responses. Most inquiries are typically addressed within a reasonable time frame.
  • Quality of Support: The support team is trained to provide detailed and accurate assistance, ensuring that customer queries are resolved effectively.

Knowledge Base & FAQs:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base: TweakNews hosts a comprehensive knowledge base on its website, containing articles, guides, and tutorials. This self-help resource covers a wide range of topics, from getting started with Usenet to troubleshooting common issues.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): The FAQs section provides quick answers to common questions, allowing users to find solutions without needing to contact support directly.

Social Media & Community Engagement:

  • Community Forums: Although not directly controlled by TweakNews, some community forums discuss the service, providing peer support and shared experiences.
  • Social Media Presence: TweakNews maintains a presence on social media platforms, where users can follow updates and occasionally interact with the team.

Language Support:

  • Multilingual Support Staff: TweakNews caters to a global audience, and its support team includes multilingual staff capable of assisting customers in various languages.

Accessibility & Considerations:

  • No Live Chat or Phone Support: While TweakNews offers quality email support and an extensive knowledge base, it’s worth noting the absence of immediate support channels like live chat or phone. This may affect users who prefer real-time assistance but is offset by the effort in maintaining prompt email responses.

TweakNews’ customer support emphasizes quality and accessibility through email support, an extensive knowledge base, and multilingual assistance. The absence of live chat or phone support is a limitation but is mitigated by a focus on prompt and effective email communication, coupled with comprehensive self-help resources.

The integration of community engagement through social media and community forums adds another layer to the support structure, encouraging users to engage with one another and share insights.

Overall, TweakNews’ customer support may not offer immediate real-time assistance, but it demonstrates a commitment to assisting users through various means, ensuring that help is available and tailored to meet diverse needs.

Extras & Bonuses:

VPN Service:

  • Optional Add-on: TweakNews offers an optional VPN service that can be bundled with certain Usenet packages or purchased separately. This VPN enhances online privacy, security, and allows for anonymous browsing.
  • Multiple Server Locations: Users can choose from various server locations around the world, optimizing connection speed and privacy.
  • Supported Protocols: The VPN service supports multiple protocols, allowing users to tailor their connection according to preferences.

Integrated Usenet Browser:

  • Exclusive Usenet Browser: As mentioned earlier, TweakNews offers an exclusive Usenet browser that simplifies navigation, searching, and downloading within Usenet. This browser is available to all subscribers at no extra cost.

Multilingual Support:

  • Catering to a Global Audience: TweakNews provides multilingual support for its interface and customer service, making it accessible to a broader range of users across different language backgrounds.

Special Offers & Discounts:

  • Seasonal Promotions: TweakNews occasionally runs special promotions, offers, and discounts, providing opportunities for both new and existing customers to benefit from reduced pricing or added value.

TweakNews’ approach to extras and bonuses emphasizes enhancing the core Usenet experience with valuable add-ons and flexibility. The VPN service stands out as a substantial addition that not only complements the Usenet offering but serves as a valuable tool for broader online privacy.

The availability of block accounts, a free trial, and the exclusive Usenet browser reflects a focus on accommodating diverse user needs and preferences. Special offers and multilingual support further contribute to making TweakNews a versatile and appealing option for a wide variety of Usenet enthusiasts.

These extras and bonuses enrich the overall value proposition of TweakNews, providing users with more than just Usenet access and emphasizing a commitment to delivering a comprehensive and tailored experience.


TweakNews presents a comprehensive and appealing Usenet service, catering to both novices and seasoned Usenet enthusiasts. Its diverse offerings extend from a range of flexible pricing and package options to robust performance with reliable server access and retention rates.

A standout feature is the integration of optional VPN service and the exclusive Usenet browser, both enhancing the overall user experience. While the absence of live chat or phone support may be noted, the dedicated email support team and rich knowledge base effectively cover customer service needs.

TweakNews further impresses with extras like block accounts, a free trial, multilingual support, and occasional special offers. These attributes underscore the provider’s commitment to flexibility, accessibility, and added value.

Although some users might miss immediate support channels or specific payment options, TweakNews’ overall offering is well-rounded, demonstrating a thoughtful balance of features, quality, and customization. Its dedication to user privacy, security, and flexibility makes it a strong contender in the Usenet market.

TweakNews stands as a robust choice for those seeking a versatile and enriched Usenet experience, regardless of their familiarity with the platform. Its combination of quality, value, and thoughtful design culminates in a service that’s well worth considering for anyone exploring Usenet.

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